Pink Fish gir deg superfood fra havet! Deilig mat, masse næring – servert kjapt.

Her har vi samlet noen av spørsmålene vi ofte får om Pink Fish. Håper du tar kontakt med oss hvis du ikke finner svar på ditt spørsmål her.

What is Pink Fish?

Pink Fish is a new fastfood seafood chain where salmon is the hero of the menu. The salmon represents the best Norway has to offer - fresh, fresh and tasty.

Where do the recipes come from?

All our recipes are developed by Geir Skeie, the world's best chef! He won the Chefs' World Cup Bocuse d'Or in 2009, and has dedicated his life to good food. Geir is one of the founders of Pink Fish, and the mastermind behind our delicious menu. He thinks it is very fun to now be able to cook food that reaches many people.

Geir has traveled around the country and the beach and tasted his way to the best suppliers so that you will always have a good taste experience with us. Nothing is left to chance at Pink Fish!

And if you want to try a Pink Fish recipe yourself, we will be very happy. You will find a selection under Recipes. Good luck - do not forget to share the result with us @pinkfishrestaurants #PINKFISH.

Where does Pink Fish come from?

Pink Fish is a new Norwegian brand that has the fantastic Norwegian salmon as a star. We serve proper quality food quickly - can it get any better? With us you get great salads and wraps, burgers, soups and raw salmon with flavors from all corners of the world.

Menu and ordering
Does not the salmon get dry from being cooked?

At Pink Fish, we make all food to order. We work with the freshest ingredients, which we treat with respect and joy. Brand new, made just for you!

Is the food healthy?

The salmon is the star of Pink Fish's menu. Salmon is one of the healthiest things you can eat, stuffed with protein, omega 3, vitamins D and selenium, among other things. Norwegian salmon is the best in the world, and very healthy! That said, the most important thing for us is that the food tastes fantastic. And it is of course allowed to indulge in something extra from time to time.

If you have allergies or intolerances, you can be sure that all our dishes are clearly marked with allergens. Both on the menu in the restaurant, on pinkfish.no and on the Pink Fish app.

I'm having a bad time - do I have to wait a long time for food?

At Pink Fish, we want people to eat good food - even if they have a bad time. Therefore, you can order and pay via our app or website, and know exactly when the food is ready. No queue, no hassle, avoid the queue and go straight to delivery.

Even if you choose to order from our friendly staff, we go to great lengths to ensure that the waiting time for food is as short and painless as possible. You order and pay at checkout, and as soon as your food is ready, your name pops up on the screen at the point of delivery. Brand new, made just for you!

I really want one of the dishes, but it's an ingredient I'm not so fond of. Can I pick it out?

All our dishes are made to order, so we are very flexible! Just talk to the cashier, and it's worth it!

What is Pink Fish doing to reduce the amount of food waste?

Food waste and food waste is a huge problem worldwide. We go to great lengths to avoid throwing food in our restaurants. We have streamlined ordering and delivery routines which means that the raw materials are not left until they expire. We use as much of our raw materials as possible to reduce cuts. And not least: All food with us is made to order. This means that we do not have ready-made dishes lying around that must be thrown away after a short time to maintain our strict quality requirements.

Why does Pink Fish use farmed salmon?

Norwegian farmed salmon is the best in the world. The world's fast growing population needs protein, and salmon is a fantastic source of protein. Did you know that a salmon puts on almost a kilo for every kilo of feed it eats? 24% of the energy and 27% of the proteins from the feed are passed on to the edible part of the salmon. It is considerably more than both chicken, pig and cattle. In other words, salmon farming is the most resource-efficient meat producer available.

Plastic is a big problem, what do you do to limit the amount of plastic used?

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental sinners in the world. That is why we have chosen to minimize the use of plastic in our restaurants. We use degradable disposable tableware and cutlery, and cold fresh water is freely available in all our restaurants. Then you do not have to buy a plastic bottle.